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Frequently Asked Questions About Melody Mover

Artist Store ID's - It is very important to ensure you tell us where to place your music before if goes live. If you don't, you may find your latest release on a completely new or alternate profile on Spotify, Apple Music etc... We call this a mapping issue. To tell us where to place your music is pretty simple!

How to set up a Melody Mover Artist Store

Please note that it does not want your artist profile URLs. It only wants the unique codes within the URL. For example, take a look at this link - Now all you need to copy and paste is 3FhQ46iUML93iBVODd1a7W - It is as simple as that. Remember that this does not apply to you if this is your first ever release as you won't have any artist profiles.

How to set up a Melody Mover Artist Store Profile

Reporting a Mapping Issue - Ok, your release on this occasion did not land on your profile because you may have forgotten to apply your store ID during the upload process. This is not to worry. Simply send us a URL of the place the release has landed and a URL to where it should be. If you send this to a member of the team can get this rectified. However, please allow 7-10 days for this to correct.

Label Account (Creating Artist Profiles) - So you have set up your label account and you now want to get your first release out by one of your amazing artists or bands. In our dashboard we refer to an artist or band as a "Sub Profile". So, before you can set up a release, you need to create a Sub Profile for your artist. Simply click on "Sub Profiles" and then select "New Sub Profile".

How to set up Melody Mover label account for artists

On the next page you need to make sure that the name you use is in fact the artist's name. If the artist already exists on streaming platforms, then make sure you type the artist's name exactly how it reflects on stores. If you don't it can stop you from attaching any further releases to the existing profiles. You will be prompted to provide an email. If you do not intend to give access to your artist, then use your account email address. 

How to set up Melody Mover new sub profile

Label Account (Uploading a Release) - Once you have created a sub profile for your artist, you will then need to access their profile to upload the release. To do this you click <Sub Profiles>,then <Manage Sub Profiles>, and then click select on the correct account. You will then be navigated to the dashboard where you can create your release. 

Band Camp Pre-orders - Yes! We can set you up with your Bandcamp pre-order whether it is a Single, EP or Album. Why? Well, we have found that many artists get a better response from fans as it seems more community-driven and appears to generate more revenue for you (which is ultimately what we want for you). We also communicate wth the team at Bandcamp to push your release for any marketing opportunities. Please note that we do take 25% of Bandcamp sales. 

Why do you have a free unlimited option? Do we get charged after uploading the release at the end of the process? - Simple answer is no! We created this option as times are tough and we know artists and bands feel that their money needs to be placed in production and marketing. Signing up for free allows for unlimited releases but we do take a small percentage, 15%, of your royalties. This is to ensure that we can cover our internal costs and fund what we do best, which is supporting you!

Do we offer video distribution? - We do indeed. We can get your video on Vevo. But is it worth it? We can honestly say yes! What many don't understand is that the platform has a community of 20 million subscribers on YouTube and has its own TV channels and apps on Samsung TV, Sky, Roku and many more. So, we see it as an extra avenue to promote your music. We also pitch our videos to the teams there to try and secure playlist support. Please note that if this is the first time you use it then you will see duplicate videos if you also upload your video to your YouTube channel. However, we can request your channels to be merged but this can take a number of weeks, so please do bear with us and the platforms. 

Do we offer marketing? - You bet! We have a great team of marketers who work across online press, DSP marketing, radio PR, in-store retail playlisting marketing, independent playlist pitching and more. You can purchase these packages during your upload process and will only be valid for 1 song. Please do note that we would never promise success, streams or anything of that nature. If you come across anyone who does, then stay clear away from them. 

I want to pay someone I know for 100,00 streams on Spotify, can I? - In most cases this is streaming fraud. We appreciate that there is a very legitimate side to this business in the independent playlist space, but there are many curators who use bots. This is streaming manipulation which can result in severe consequences for your music. Avoid it unless you know that it is genuine. We also recommend that you have a paper trail with anyone you are in contact with in the event it turns out to be a form of manipulation. This will help support any investigation with our streaming partners. 

I have a release with a well-known artist, can I release it? - We always want to support anyone who has landed themselves a super-hot collaboration. However, copyright is copyright. You will need to provide us with evidence of a licensing agreement to prove that you have been permitted to use the music or vocals. If you don't then we won't release it. If your deal is non-exclusive then please be aware that we won't be able to deliver it to Meta platforms (Instagram and Facebook) for content ID issues. 

How long does it take to get paid? - Well, to get paid you need to apply your PayPal or Western Union account to your Melody Mover account. Your payments will be sent there.  Please note that streams can take 90 days from point of stream to landing in your dashboard due to reporting, but this is standard across most distributors. 

Royalty payments - Due to recent changes with Spotify to combat streaming fraud, receiving your royalties will generally see delays up to 6 months from the point of stream. For example if you release a song in March, you will start to see royalties from that month reported and paid to you in August. We believe that this is generally effecting all music releases regardless of platform, but if you have any questions feel free to contact us via

Do you offer pre-save links and smart links? - Yes we do, but you will need to get in touch with and make the request. Alternatively, you can message us from your dashboard. We will send you a link to the email address associated with the account. 

Do you chart register music? - Most certainly, but we require a small fee to do so which can be purchased at the end of the release process. 

How long does it take to get my music live? - We recommend that anyone releasing music allows at least 14 days ahead of their chosen release date. 

What is the waterfall strategy? - This is a strategy where you add your former single to the next. For example last week you released single 1 and intend on releasing single 2 at the end of the following month. What you do when you upload the new single is also upload the last track again (using the original ISRC for it) and make it a two-track single release. This offers more chances of engagement and listenership of your music.

We hope these Frequently Asked Questions helped you! If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at



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