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Spotify Pre-Save vs Bandcamp Pre-Order Campaigns

Melody Mover Spotify pre-save vs Bandcamp pre-order campaign article

Some people suggest a Spotify pre-save campaign should be our main focus for our next release. Are there any benefits and are there any alternative solutions?

Answer:  Spotify pre-save campaigns have pros and cons. The pros are that they are easy to set up and are even provided by distributors like us. They also help capture potential fans to follow you and of course pre-save your song. The cons are that security and mapping issues on IOS and android devices can send fans to the browser and then they have to login to pre-save. This results in less successful pre-saves. Secondly, many artists, labels and managers think pre-saves are a metric Spotify cares about when considering editorial placement. This is not true. 

Other pre-release options are pre-order campaigns at Bandcamp. Their pre-order function is easy to set up and all sales are chart reported. However, you have to make sure that your music is chart registered by your distributor if this is something you wish to achieve. It also generates a revenue that can be quite substantial. We have seen many artists and labels choose a Bandcamp pre-order campaign over a Spotify pre-save campaign and they said it made them more money than their track has made in 6 months on Spotify alone.

An overall comparison is that ultimately a pre-save is useful for general promotion for new potential fans, whereas Bandcamp pre-orders are normally welcomed by your core fans and strong muso's. At Melody Mover, we work with the team at Bandcamp pushing your campaigns to them for promotion which carries significant impact if successful with the team. For more info about our Bandcamp pre-order campaigns please email



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