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My music didn't land editorial playlists on release day... Does that mean my music flopped!?


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Answer: Not at all! Do not worry if your music didn't land editorial playlists. You have to bare in mind that platforms such as Spotify receive over 120,000 new songs per day. Their coveted New Music Friday playlist facilitates only around 100 tracks per week. Despite this looking like a daunting statistic, a lot of music that releases and falls short of this spot still finds its way onto playlists days, weeks or even months later.

So, how did they achieve this? It's all about the listenership (and obviously having a good song!). If you can improve organic listenership, you will increase chances of pickup.

Artists and labels achieve this in many ways. Some examples include live gigs, landing a sync placement on a TV show, social media paid advertising and independent playlisting. Some artists think that cheating the system and paying for streams helps, but it really doesn't. In fact that practice can land you in very hot water. 

Independent playlist marketing is becoming increasingly popular as they help grow listenership quickly, triggering algorithmic playlisting which then may trigger editorial placements. We have seen countless releases gain significant pickup as they have invested into this strategy. It simply works the same way as it's done at streaming platforms.

We pitch your music the exact same way. There is no difference. So, the bottom line is, don't give up if you have a great song that wasn't picked up the day it was released. If you are interested in playlist marketing please contact us via


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